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OPhaving funWhat is included in an Octopus Party?
Themed Character/Actor, interactive story telling, drama adventure, music, song, dance, parachute and party games. You can add balloon modelling or easy face painting with no extra cost in the hourly rates. All children will receive a party gift.

Will the Actor/Entertainer be in costume? Yes!

Is the Actor/Entertainer Insured and Crb-checked? 
Yes, all actors are Trained, Insured (through Equity Liability Insurance) and Crb-checked.

Who is the entertainer?
Johanna the founder/Director will be your entertainer on the big party day.  Other Entertainer Lina, Mar & Kat can also be booked or Face Painter Dari Doodle

Will Octopus Parties provide music?
Yes, Octopus parties provides props and equipment including a stereo for your party.

Will the party be suitable for my child’s age?
All Octopus Parties are tailor made for your child including their: age from 3-10, interests, length of party, or any special requirements needed. The Birthday Child will be at the centre of attention and all the other children will take part in the story with tasks and actions.

Is there a limit to how many children?
Octopus Parties can entertain 5-25 children, maximum 30 children. (the price is the same for the numbers)

Having a bigger party?!!! Ask Octopus Parties for two actors!!

Can I have my party at home or in my garden?
Octopus Parties can be at your home, garden or venue. As long as there is space for the number of children agreed to move around.

How long is the party for?
Octopus Parties run for 1h, 1½h or 2 hours, variations on this theme are welcome.

How much does Octopus Parties cost?
For Info about prices, please download booking form or contact Octopus Parties directly on  +44 (0)7807 055858  /

Party Recommendations:
Before booking your Party and deciding the day and time, please have an alternative in case your first choice is not available.

If having a party at home, make sure there is space to move around for the number of children invited and distractions are put away.
If hiring a venue please keep in mind if you are going to have parents staying, sometimes it’s a good idea to have them in another room to keep the volume down.

If the children are age 3, octopus parties encourage the parents to stay and get involved in the story. Of course parents can watch older children too, but please do so discretely or join in the activities so the children don’t get self-conscious. This is also to allow the Actor to give the children the best possible party for the birthday child and other children!

Octopus parties also recommends to clear balloons off the floor and other things that can be a distraction for a great party!