The party gets under way with the themed character/actor singing a song and getting the kids warmed up. An interactive  story starts the fun off! The chilldren are encouraged to be creative and use there imaginations, as they go on an Octastic smiled filled adventure. All Octopus Parties are tailor made for your child including; age, interests, length of party, etc…  The Birthday Child will be at the centre of attention and all the other children will take part in the story with tasks and actions. The remaining party is based on dance, music, parachute and party games mixed with balloon modelling or easy face painting.

Themes available:

Mermaid party

Mermaid Saga Go on a journey under water, and to a far away desert island.  Find out what the beautiful Mermaid Saga and her Mermaidfriends are looking for. When Pirate Scrumpy needs new shipmates, all the children help him bring wind to the sails as they journey with Mermaid Saga to find the buried birthday treasure chest.


Fairy Blossom takes the children on an interactive story, where she show’s them how to fly and how to use their magic wand, but what happens when Fairy Blossom can´t find her Fairy dust!? With the help of the children, Fairy Blossom goes in search for the missing fairy dust… Along the way  they make friends with  Mr Gobblin and the beautiful animals of the forest and all  together they go on a fantastic  adventure .


Princess Sparkle is upset about all the frogs making so much noise!  Her friend Pirate Scrumpy reveals to her that she has been put under a spell. With all the children’s help they search for the frogs and the Witch Grumpy . Will they manage to put everything back in order in the Magic Kingdom before the big Birthday ball?.


SUPER HERO The Golden Flash takes the children on an interactive story. She show’s them how to fly and how to use their special powers, but what happens when the Golden Flash must rescue someone or something…?! With the help of her new Super Hero friends, they speedily  zoom to the rescue,  but along the way they must overcome monsters and  enemies  with their special powers – will they succeed and save the day

Pirate Scrumpy 
Has found his Birthday child, that means there is a special birthday treasure somewhere on a desert Island. But what does he do when his crew only wants to sunbathe?! With the help of the young pirates he manages to get his ship launched and travels through a treacherous tangled jungle full of creepy crawlies and strange plants…. But will they find the Birthday Treasure Chest?

Miss Witch Clumsy/ Harry PotterIn the witch school there is always something going wrong, and with help of the young witches and wizards they help Miss Witch Clumsy fix sticky floors, backwards walking, gobbly goop talking, hopping madness, crazy laughing and broken wands. It’s a race against time to get everything back to normal  before Head Teacher  Witch Grumpy returns.

Sally Safari, Sally Safari loves animals from the savannah and jungle! She is on a quest to look for the amazing Lions and trumpeting Elephants. Days into the safari  her patience is running low, there is no sign of the lions or elephants! Her only hope are the children who know where the beautiful animals are… Once they find them, they all go on a special rescue mission to find a the little Tiger cub Woybie in a mysterious underground cavan.


Octonauts  Captain Barnacles is invited to a special birthday party on the Octopod! The party is running very smoothly until Kwazi gets injured. Kwazi is the only one who knows where the map is to find the special birthday treasure. Captain Barnacles and the Octopod’s technical team once again go on a under water mission to seek out the birthday treasure: will they escape from the jungly seaweed and the prickly crabs? And get back in time for tea and birthday cake?

Rapunzel A fun, dramatic adventure through the mountains and lakes with Maximus and Pascal . Will Rapunzel and all her friends manage to find the magic gold flower with special powers, defeat the baddies and keep everything  peaceful and safe in their town?

Cinderella OctopuspartiesCinderella Have a magical visit from ”Cinderella”…. Here the story about Fairy the Goodmother, the mice, and her evil step sisters!! What happens when the clock turns twelve , Who has found Cinderella’s Shoe this time??


Star wars Octopus Parties STAR WARS Help Princess Lea find Darv Veida… All the chldren will go on a Yeida Knight Training to learn their fighting, Light Saber, Movement and Magic skills… Super duper fun for boys and girls alike!!

Elsa Frozen

ELSA or ANNA FROZEN  Elsa will take you back to the mountain and let you have fun with Olaf and Marshmallow, lots of ice skating, magic and forzen fun!! Of course not to say LETTING GO singing!! The theme of 2014… 



PIPPI LONGSTOCKING Pippi walks backwords everyday, plays don’t touch the floor and of course let’s all the children taste a ”never growing old” pill!! Pipp will definitely keep your kids entertainer at your party!!


DINO PARTY– Here is the theme for all knowledgeable dinosaur lovers!! Lots of scary and raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwry fun!!!

OTHER THEMES: Toy Story,Special Agent, Action Hero, Pop Stars, Cowboy, Scooby Doo, MR Tickle , Mike the Knight, Alice in Wonderland/ Queens of Hearts, Buzz Light Year, Fire Chief Fi (Fireman Sam),  BOLT the movie, Cinderella. PiPPI LONGSTOCKING, MINION – (DESPICABLE ME), DINOSAUR, MALEFICENT, TREE FU TOM, DOC  McSTUFFIN, THE GRUFFALO, SPY SPECIAL AGENT, THE GRUAFFALO,  MOSHI MONSTER, ANGRY BIRD, Lord of the RIngs, Spider Man, Dannni Dog, Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz


If you wish to have any other theme please contact Octopus Parties, and we will do our very best to make your wish come true…

Octopus Parties also offer’s:

YOGA PARTIES and DANCE PARTIES for 3yrs up to teens!!!